With her roots in the surfing, skateboarding and outdoor adventure world, Lucia focuses on lifestyle and adventure for editorial and advertising clients. 

She combines her English precision with Venetian creativity to capture the moment with clarity and wit. Lucia's work is fresh, vivid and full of energy. 

Lucia's work has been internationally recognized and awarded by National Geographic, PDN, Windland Smith Rice International Awards, Black and White photography and the Masters Cup.


Selected Clients


ESPN, Esquire, Inc, Wired, GQ, National Geographic, Disney, Warner Brothers, CBS, BBC, Expedia, Ink-global, Sri Lankan Airlines, Men’s Journal, Conde Nast TravellerOutside, House & Garden Bespoke, Leo Burnett, Ogilvy & Mather, Anheuser-BuschGlobe Pequot, Voyageur PressEditions Chronique, AARP, Patagonia, Vans, Ford, RedBull, Jeep, Nationwide, Roxy, Arena, Rip Curl, Billabong.



2018 International Color Awards | Honorable Mention in Wildlife

2017 International Color Awards | Honorable Mention in Sport

2016 Sportel Awards | Finalist for Best Sport Illustration Book Skateboard: de la Rue à la Rampe.

2015 ND Awards | Honorable Mention in Sport

2015 International Color Awards | Honorable Mention in Abstract

2015 Black & White Spider Awards | Winner in Sport

2013 Natures Best Windland Awards | Semi Finalist 

2013 Professional Women Photographers | Honorable Mention

2013 Black & White Spider Awards | 2nd Place Excellence in Sport

2013 Kontinent Awards | Winner Outstanding Achievement in Nature

2013 Ocean Views, Natures Best Photography | 1st Place Winner 

2012 National Geographic Traveller Award | Winner 

2012 Natures Best Windland Awards | Finalist


Selected Press 


Time Magazine | Conde Nast | Nat Geo | ESPN | BBC | HuckGestalten 


Selected Videos

The High Line’s Surfing’s Storytellers

On July 15, 2014 the High Line Festival of Surfing hosted the first Surfing’s Storytellers Dinner at the Haus of Strauss, Los Angeles. The evening honoured some of the most influential surf filmmakers and photographers giving them a chance to break bread together and talk about their shared passion of capturing the surfing lifestyle. The exclusive dinner attendance included: Steve Pezman, Ted Grambeau, Jason Baffa, Tim Mckenna, Chris Burkard, Taylor Steele, Cyrus Sutton, Jeff Divine, Hayley Gordon, Jamie Brisick. Art Brewer, Scott Soens, Lucia Griggi and Craig Stecyk.

Producer & Director Doug Walker


Highland Festival Lucia Griggi Interview

“As you go through your life as a surfer, which is a state of mind, and you hear people’s stories about interacting with the ocean, it is a never-ending drama. It’s always different, it’s always fascinating. There’s never a dull moment.”

Producer & Director Doug Walker

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