During this Sri Lanka photography workshop, we will be predominantly photographing in Yala National Park and wildlife sanctuary, located in Sri Lanka’s southern province. The park’s grounds are a combination of flat plains, grasslands, and lush forests in a semi-dry climate, but there are also waterholes, lagoons, and mangroves. Made up of five separate blocks, sections one and two of Yala are open to the public while the other three are to remain unpenetrated by humans to sustain the local wildlife.

Section one is well known for having the highest concentration of leopards in the world, boasting a total of 35 cats. This number may seem small, but remember these cats are an endangered species. Out of the 215 species of birds that call Yala home, six are endemic to Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill, Sri Lanka Junglefowl, Sri Lanka Wood-pigeon, Crimson-fronted Barbet, Black-capped Bulbul, and Brown-capped Babbler. The herd of elephants in the park numbers anywhere from 300-350 individuals. There are 44 species of mammals, several of them both endemic & endangered: Sri Lankan Sloth Bear, Sri Lankan Leopard, Sri Lankan Elephant, and wild water buffalo. Furthermore, there are 46 species of reptiles, five of them endemic to Sri Lanka. These incredibly unique species can be seen nowhere else, making this expedition so alluring to photographers.