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  • Sol House Tagazout Melia Resorts Tagazout Morocco (map)

WHAT TO EXPECT Our Expedition’s bring you into our wilderness classroom and are designed for people at any level, who want to take their photography to the next level. The classes are for aspiring photographers with a passion for documenting adventure, the ocean, waves, travel and action sports.

These practical based expeditions have all been tried and tested by the team so we know that each and every experience will change your perspective on the wild and adjust your perspective with the world. Our expeditions are raw and authentic designed to build your knowledge whilst both challenging and inspiring you.

SKILLS YOU'LL GAIN This course is packed full of hints, tips and skills that will help improve your photography particularly when photographing in the outdoor adventure world and into the wilderness. An unvarnished overview of the perils, pleasures, challenges and rewards of adventure and travel photography. With an additional added focus on ocean and in-water surf photography.

Course participants will develop understanding in: Equipment & lighting | Depth of field and exposure | Composition | Impact | Storytelling | Backgrounds | In Water Shooting (Optional) | Extreme Location shooting | Adjusting camera and lens settings to adapt to sun, wind, water and light.

KEY TOPICS COVERED Understanding exposure | Composition | Understanding Light | Photographic guiding skills | Editing and manipulating raw images for better results | Storing, manipulating and preserving digital images | Marketing and selling images | Proper care, storage and transportation of camera equipment whilst in transit as an adventure Photographer | An overview of the myriad cameras, lenses, housings, tripods, computers and photo manipulation software | Their advantages and disadvantages.

OCEAN & SURF (Optional) Proper, safe use of water housings: before, during and after shooting from the water | Ocean knowledge necessary when shooting from the water | Tips on shooting from the water safely, to get optimum results | Surf zone safety | Returning to shore safely, safely pulling camera from the housing and images from the camera.

Morocco has its own unique set of rules and challenges. Equipment security is a concern here, as are the protocols and etiquettes of photographing Muslims, and mosques.