The Atlantic coast of Morocco has been colorized by desert people, living on the cusp of the Sahara and the deep blue sea. The desert is salt and pepper – hues, not colors – and all that stark dryness ends abruptly in an ocean that is green and blue. Along that margin of coast, the Berbers and Bedouin moving north from deep in Africa bathe themselves in color – bags of cinnamon, ginger, turmeric and other colored spices in the Souk. Multi-colored shoes hanging from the walls of shops. Doors, windows, cars, clothing, jewelry: the Moroccan people colorize everything they put their hands and feet to, to make their presence known between the desert and the ocean. And that makes Morocco a target-rich environment for photographers in love with adventure, color, contrast, culture.

Course leader, Lucia Griggi fell in love with Morocco when she spent several years in a row there in the early 2000s – escaping the shady harsh Cornwall winters for the sunny shores of the North African desert. The ocean is as vibrant as the Souks. Men and women dressed in flowing robes lead camels draped in silver-mirrored blankets. Using thoroughly modern camera equipment, Lucia slowed herself down to match the daily ebb and flow of Moroccan life – beautiful, exotic, never changing and always changing. 

There is much to love and photograph along the Moroccan coast, and Lucia Griggi is leading nine-night and ten-day expeditions for photographers who want to improve their photography in this ancient, energized strip of coast between the Sahara and the Atlantic. 

The Moroccan Photography Expeditions will operate from Sol House Tagazout, the leading adventure camp and tour organization, operating out of their amazing eco -lodges in the village of Tagazhout. Morocco’s surf city is only 40 minutes from the international airport at Agadir, which itself is only two or three hours from most European cities. Short by hours but a world away in terms of time and culture. When you cross the strait of Gibraltar from Europe to Morocco, you pass into another culture – into another century. 

Sol House Tagazout is thoroughly modern in terms of organization, communication, safety and comfort, but also old school in hosting guests with traditional Moroccan courtesy, hospitality and comfort. From the security of Sol House Tagazout, Lucia will lead adventures by land and sea. 

The land adventures will venture over and through the Atlas Mountains to Marrakesh – still one of the most exotic cities in the world. Off-road toward the great dunes of Erg Chigaga to our comfortable desert camp. Opt to take a camel ride or climb to the top of the dunes for views of the vast Sahara. Enjoy a traditional dinner under the stars.